My wife and I will be spending the next six months in a small beach house close to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

We will be here while she finishes her work before becoming a professor. Everyone is having a problem with being a teacher right now. Many states are cutting their funding to schools. This means that the teaching staff is being cut back. My wife had wanted to work in the school she graduated from, but there weren’t any openings. Luckily, she was accepted to work at the small university that was in this community. It was one of the few buildings that was there, other than our beach house. We love the location of the beach house, but it was in need of quite a few repairs. The flooring was cracked and missing whole chunks. The water barely trickles from the faucets, which was a good thing, because the drains drained very slowly. It takes flushing the toilet twice, just to get the water to move. We also have some really weird odors coming from the air vent. We went in search of the air conditioner and we finally found it in a small closet. There was so much mold in the closet and on the AC unit, that we called the HVAC company. The air vents are on the floor, which means whenever you walk toward them, dirt was falling inside. We had to have mold remediation done. We also had to have the ductwork cleaned and the AC unit had to be cleaned and repaired.



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