Mom and dad had worked in the same company for the last thirty years.

When dad was fired, he not just lost a job, but he lost his pension and he could no longer take care of his family.

The company he spent his entire life at was bought out by a venture capital group. They bled what was left with immediate cutbacks & layoffs before eventually liquidating all assets. People say the economy is doing well. I just see more and more people being liquidated like other parts of the companies. No one cares to think about those people as they struggle to make ends meet while waiting going from interview to interview at other companies who are about to do the same thing. At this point, my parents can’t afford their bills and now their HVAC system that they used for the past twenty years, died two weeks ago.. The only way they can get a new HVAC system is through a payment program that a local HVAC dealer offers on installations. There is a 5% interest charge on each payment, but I’m sure they could do much worse. If the people in power wanted anything other than sustained wealth and total suppression of opposition, maybe more people like our parents wouldn’t be losing their pensions, jobs, & livelihoods.. Maybe these people could afford the basic necessities like food, shelter, and climate control without relying on credit cards and loans.

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