My mom had a really difficult time after my dad passed away.

She went into a deep depression that she is just now coming out of.

I was worried about her and I offered to have her move in with us for awhile, but she was afraid she would be a nuisance. We told her we would give her her own suite and she would even have a private bathroom. She smiled and told me that she would take me up on the suite, but she wouldn’t stay here permanently. Mom loves having the house on the cool side and she always has. I like the house to be at a steady seventy-five. Whenever mom was here, we had to lower the temperature on the thermostat or she couldn’t sleep. I found it was really wasting a lot of energy and the air conditioning was running all of the time. My husband and I discussed getting a ductless mini split for her rooms. We thought that it would be cheaper for us and everyone would be more comfortable. Mom would have her own thermostat and we wouldn’t worry about the ACbeing too cold in the rest of the house. I’m really hoping that mom decides to live here permanently when she sees the new HVAC system. Last week she almost lost her house because she forgot to pay the mortgage. If it hadn’t been for the lawyer, I’m not sure the bank wouldn’t have put her out on the street. The HVAC system is my last chance to convince her to live with us.

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