I have been going to hospitals for a good deal of time.

No matter how often I go to the hospital, I can not seem to get used to the temperature settings.

They usually keep the air conditioner turned down to truly uncomfortable levels. The best thing about being in the hospital is that they use industrial air purifiers with UV lights. UV lights kill the bacteria and viruses while the cool air is supposed to stop the spread of germs even more. While I love the power of the UV lights air cleaner, I truly believe that the cold air makes us worry about getting sicker. I have been struggling with allergies from pollen for as long as I can remember. Their air purification method helps everyone to breathe easier. I think I need to get a good air purification system with the UV light in our apartment. The air purifier would improve our quality of life. It would be nice to be able to breathe and not have a runny nose or itchy eyes. There are days when I can’t do anything other than go to the hospital. I think that if I would just call up the HVAC company and invest in a powerful UV UV light air purifier, I wouldn’t have to be going to the hospital as much. The allergy meds are useless and the hospital doesn’t do much good, except for their air purification system. I would honestly make that call if it weren’t for the price that goes with the air purification system. I know that it would be so good for me.


HVAC tech