I have always loved shopping.

My mom brought me up shopping in the local dollar store.

I used to love helping her look for all of the little things that would finish off holidays or parties. I didn’t look at it as being a specialized store because I was so young. I saw a place to shop where everything was cheap. Now that I am grown, I have discovered online shopping and it is almost as good as the dollar stores. I can stay home and shop all day. Sometimes it takes me all day to find just one item because I am shopping for the best deal. I even found an online HVAC parts discount store. I had recently been complaining about how much it cost for air filters for my air conditioning unit. I change it once a month and I was sure I should be able to find the air filters for less than what the HVAC company or home center would charge. My brother wasn’t very happy with the choice I made in air filters. He told me that the mesh of these air filters weren’t wove tightly enough to catch all of the debris and dust in the air. Not only was I showing signs of my asthma returning, but he said he could probably open the air conditioning unit and find that I am damaging it with the cheap air filters. I did notice that they were much flimsier than the ones I got from the HVAC company. When the HVAC company showed up, they showed me how the coil had become damaged by the dust and debris and it needed to be replaced. I’ll be buying my air filters from the HVAC company or home center.


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