For quite some time now, I have been working as an HVAC service tech.

Originally I wanted to be a musician.

I practiced my guitar but I never really got into it on a serious level. Lately I have been talking about my music to some of my fellow HvAC technicians. I had no idea how many other guys had a dream like mine. We finally decided that we should get together and play music. We had two guitars, a keyboard and a drummer, we didn’t think we needed anything else, other than a place to play. Everyone had families and no place to hold a practice. I had a garage, but it didn’t have air conditioning and it wasn’t sound proofed. Four HVAC techs stood looking at each other and laughing. There wasn’t a man standing there who wasn’t capable of doing the job. We got together and after I bought the soundproofing, we had it up in no time. One of the guys thought it was a great idea if we were to install a mini bar and and a small refrigerator. We had a ductless HVAC system which took little time for us all to work together and install. The only other thing we thought should be installed was an air purification system. We wanted perfect air quality to go with our new HVAC system. We decided to call ourselves The Overheated Cool Techs.. I don’t know if we’ll get any gigs to play our music, but I’m sure we’re going to have a heck of a lot of fun.

HVAC repairman