Not very long ago, my husband went on a month long trip for work. It seemed like he had been gone forever. The second he opened the door, I ran to hug him. It was snowing outside his hands and face were freezing. I shrieked when he touched me. I told him to warm up next to by the fireplace while I finished dinner. I wanted to spend some time with him next to the fireplace. I thought it would be nice to watch a movie or something. He asked what the delicious smell was and I told him I made him his favorite au gratin. He was thrilled that I had given so much thought to his homecoming. We were eating next to the fireplace and he was telling me what happened on the business trip. It was funny because he had been in an area where the climate wasn’t like home. Instead of dealing with the frigid weather, it was hot and muggy and they had complications with the air conditioner during their business meetings. It was funny because it was freezing outside and he was talking about air conditioning. I was just thankful that he was back home and I was able to turn up the thermostat a little more so we could be warm. I love having the furnace and the fireplace. The fireplace keeps the utility bills lower because the furnace doesn’t need to work as hard to keep the house warm. Right now, I could care less about the furnace. I just love the idea of having a fireplace for a romantic evening with my husband..


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