I never gave a lot of thought to all that was involved in being a homeowner.

I wanted to buy a house so I didn’t have to answer to a landlord anymore.

I knew I had to do the trash and the yard, but I was thinking about much more. It wasn’t until I actually moved in that I began to get practical experience. My home is in a Homeowner’s Association. It is like having a landlord because I had to do the landscaping to the wants of the HOA and I even had trouble with them over the color of my paint. I couldn’t figure out why my air conditioning just wasn’t cooling my home. I called the HOA president like I did my landlord and they were more than happy to give me the name of an HVAC company. I called the HVAC company the HOA recommended and two days later they were at my house. They did an inspection of the air conditioning unit, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. They told me that the AC unit was working well. I knew I was losing air conditioning somewhere and I called a different HVAC company. They went over the ductwork and they also did another inspection of the air conditioning unit. He told me that the only thing he sees wrong is that I don’t have drapes in my living room. I have full exposure to the sun in the living room. Without curtains, the room heats up and it forces the AC to run extra hard. I now consider drapery to be a part of my HvAC system.

furnace/heater tune-up