No matter how often I dust or vacuum my home, the dust continues to collect.

I am forever sneezing and I know that my allergies are acting up.

I think it’s more than just irritation from pollen. I told my husband about my problems and I asked if he had been cleaning the air filters! He told me that he was cleaning the air filters once a month and he had no idea what the problem was. Suddenly it dawned on him that we hadn’t had the ductwork cleaned in a long time. It must have been almost 5 years since the ductwork had been cleaned professionally. He decided to look into the air vents. He could see a large amount of dust and debris inside the ductwork and he was sure this was the problem with our air quality. With so much dust inside the ductwork, it was no wonder the dust was collecting. I could have been cleaning day and night and nothing would get rid of the dust. Breathing in all of that dust was not good for our health. I was pleased when my husband called the HVAC company to schedule a ductwork cleaning. They asked if we would like to install a UV air purification system. He said that along with the ductwork, we would get a 20% discount. My husband asked me what I thought and I thought it would improve the air quality. We had the ductwork cleaning completed and the new air purification system has been installed. There has been very little dust and I am able to breathe again.

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