When the HVAC technician decided to steal from me, he obviously did not think of the consequences of his decision.

Now, I hired an HVAC company to fix my furnace, and I knew that there would be a risk of having somebody steal my stuff while I was at work.

I am one of the richest men in my town, and I have a lot of stuff that could be valuable. The HVAC company that I hired was well-known for giving people a second chance when I would never do that. Some of their HVAC technicians used to be drug-users and were involved with crimes. The owner of the HVAC company is very merciful, and if you are willing to prove yourself, people with a troubled past could become an HVAC technician with him. However, if one of the HVAC technicians slips up on the job, that is the end of his career for that company. The HVAC technician that came to my house is one of those kinds of guys. He used drugs and would steal to get money for drugs, but he convinced the owner of the HVAC company that he wanted to change his ways. The owner wasn’t stupid, so he sent a reliable HVAC technician along with this other guy. When the other HVAC technician wasn’t looking, this guy tried to steal my laptop, but he was spotted in the act of doing so. Now, the guy is in jail, and he will also never be able to be an HVAC technician again. He obviously didn’t consider the consequences.

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