Right next to my neighborhood, I have a local pool.

This pool, although privately owned, is open to the general public for all ages.

Every summer and spring, this pool will open up, and it will be quickly crowded by people searching to escape the summer heat. Then once fall and winter comes, the pool closes down until the next year. This pool was always one of the things I looked forward to the most, apart from Summer Vacation. I would finish my last high school class for the day, and then take a dip in the refreshing, cooling, pool water. Nothing felt better on a hot day than feeling the ripples of cooling water sweep over your body. Even as I graduated high school and went to get a degree in the HVAC industry, I still would come to the pool whenever I could. It became a place of relaxing, to ease all of my stresses. This year was no different, I was able to leave my HVAC job early and come home. Since I never really moved that far from my original neighborhood, I was able to stop by the pool on my way home. It wasn’t really a hot day for once, but I wanted to swim regardless. I had so much on my mind, mainly problems within my heating and cooling workplace, money and family related issues. All of these issues began to fade from my mind as I sunk further into the cooling water. Whatever my issues are, right now, everything is okay.


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