One of the HVAC technicians in our house is way too distracted to do his job properly.

Nothing irritates me more than watching someone who is supposed to be working play on his phone.

It makes me even angrier when this HVAC technician is charging me by the hour to have my central air conditioner fixed. I have hired this HVAC company before, and they have always done a great job getting my HVAC units working. I know the owner of the HVAC company personally, so I know that he would never tolerate allowing one of his HVAC technicians to be on his phone the entire time. Now, I didn’t want to confront the HVAC technician about him using his phone during his workday, so I decided to take a picture and send it to the owner of the HVAC company. I would like to give the benefit of the doubt and hope that this HVAC technician is just texting his family about something important, but I have seen him open up a game too while he is supposed to be working on my air conditioner. I tried to keep track of how much he was on his phone because I don’t want to pay him for more work than he actually did. The owner of the HVAC company just texted me back and told me that he would be talking to the HVAC technician. Either way, the situation would be dealt with. Let’s hope that the HVAC technician has a good excuse. However, it is out of my hands now.