I bought a space heater for my living room last winter, and I really love it.

  • I had been cold while in the living room watching TV, so I decided to buy a space heater to keep me warm during my relaxing time.

My husband hates it when I use the space heater in the living room because he thinks that it gets too warm in there. To me, it is just right. It probably raises the temperature in the room by about ten or fifteen degrees. I guess it would be about eighty-five degrees in the living room then. That sounds really warm, but it is just the right temperature to relax and watch TV. I really wish that I would have not set the space heater so close to the couch though. I usually turn the space heater off before I go to bed for the night, but I forgot to turn it off one day, and because it was so close to the couch, it melted part of the leather on my couch. My husband was so upset with me. He reminded me of how often he had asked me not to use the space heater at all, let alone right next to the couch. I felt really bad, but there was nothing that I could do. I still use the space heater just about every single evening, but I don’t put it anywhere near the couch anymore. I have not forgotten to turn it off since that incident, and I truly don’t think that I will ever forget to turn it off again.

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