When you are a creature of habit, like I am, your favorite hangout becomes very important to you.

  • My favorite place to go is this little cafe on the corner just down the street from my house.

They have this delicious egg salad sandwich that I could eat literally every single day for lunch! They know me by name there and so I go there almost every day. The other thing that I like about this little cafe is how great their indoor air quality is. They always seem to have their HVAC system set at just the right temperature, no matter what the season happens to be. In the wintertime, they have the heating turned up so the dining area is nice and toasty, but it’s not overpowering and stuffy like some places tend to be. They even have a little gas fireplace up in the front corner of the cafe with some checkers set up so you feel like you’re at a friend’s house when you come in there to eat or hang out. Besides the heating system being so great in the wintertime, there’s also the issue of the air conditioning during the summer. I hate how a lot of places overuse their A/C system in the summer and the air is so cold inside that it hurts your face! The cafe that I like going to never has their A/C set at too low of a temperature. They always seem to have the correct temperature settings on their thermostat. Between that and their egg salad sandwiches, it’s no wonder that I go there almost every day of the week!


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