I don’t know what it is about me and my personality, but I tend to wind up in jobs where I am a jack-of-all-trades.

Even if the position doesn’t originally start out this way, somehow I tend to acquire more and more tasks until I’m basically covering a piece of everyone’s jobs.

It’s kind of fun to have such diverse abilities and responsibilities, but it can also be really overwhelming when I have to keep my brain heavily on so many distinct areas. Recently, I was up for a new job and the process seems to be going very smoothly. I was excited about the job posting and it seems like I would be a great company fit. The only thing that started to concern me was when they mention to that there were a few assorted tasks that might be put on my plate. Here we go again, I thought. One of the random tasks was to act as a steward of the heating and cooling system for the entire office. When I asked what exactly this meant, my future boss told me that nobody really wanted to take care of the current forced air furnace and central air conditioning plans. The furnace had broken down several times last year because it had not been professionally serviced in a decade a. The air conditioning system had been slowly failing overtime because it was 20 years old and required monthly professional inspections. Somebody needed to step up to the plate and manage the routine service and maintenance appointments for the entire HVAC system. He said there was no budget for this air quality project, so I would need it to wheel and deal to update and maintain all the air handling devices. When I heard about this uphill HVAC battle being dumped on my plate, I immediately reconsidered what kind of job this would be.

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