I did a rental on the beach for about a month.

The renal was the best location, big enough and had a lot of good appliances.

Everything was really great except for one thing. The HVAc system kept making a really weird squeaking noise everytime I walked by it. For some reason anytime a person walked by the machine, the squeak would happen. I do not know why the property owner had not taken care of it. Due to it though, it not only was annoying, but was shocking when the sound happened. It was super loud too. Every single time the central heating plus air conditioner plan would turn on, and someone would walk by, the squeak would loudly come on. It almost sounded like a giant mouse or someone stepping on an animal’s tail. I could hear it in the bedroom the worst too. Anytime I wanted to go to sleep I had to wear ear plugs. If I did not, I would wake up in the middle of the night to someone walking by the HVAC. The squeaky had me leap up from bed like it was on fire. The noise just drove me insane. I finally complained to the property owner plus insisted that she fix the situation or do something about the noise. The property owner talked about how the bolts on the HVAC are a bit tight. That is why it makes the noise. She did not want to loosen them though. I can tell you that it was the last time I stayed in the house. The rental was not cheap enough to warrant no sleeping. The next year I went to the beach, I asked about the noise level.

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