I held off for as long as possible before finally replacing the roof on my home.

I knew the project would be super expensive, disruptive and create a big mess.

Because of the age of the roof and multiple layers of shingles, it could not be patched. We needed to tear the whole thing off and start from scratch. The roof was in terrible condition, and after any windstorm, I’d find stray shingles in the lawn and garden. Whenever it rained heavily, I needed to run around and set buckets under the many leaks. When I woke up in the middle of the night with water dripping onto my bed, I knew I had to hire a roofing contractor. My family then spent the next month with the house under construction. While the outside temperature was in the high eighties, with horrendous humidity, we were unable to run the air conditioner. The house was dirty, overheated and there was a constant issue with bugs getting inside. My gardens got trampled and there was debris scattered all over the long. I couldn’t wait for the project to be completed. I was anxious to start up the air conditioner but expected a very high energy bill. I figured that it would take the air conditioner a very long time to cool the house down. However, the new roof eliminated a great deal of energy waste. It significantly lessened the workload of the cooling system. Not only are my utility bills much lower, but the house is far more comfortable. There’s less issues with moisture and a more even temperature from room to room.

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