I was always a little bit frustrated when my grandmother would always call me over to her house to help her out with something.

She would have me moving things around the house because she wanted everything to be rearranged.

The thing that bothered me the most though was how she was always feeling either too hot or too cold. Because of this she was always asking me to adjust the temperature control settings. She actually had one of those dial thermostats that was actually older than me. I thought she should at least have a programmable thermostat, but she said that she didn’t understand that fancy technology. Eventually I got around to thinking about upgrading her thermostat to something better, a smart thermostat. I explained to her that a smart thermostat would actually learn her preferred temperature control settings and would automatically adjust. Also I told her that I would be able to control the thing remotely if she needed my help. She didn’t even have a smartphone or anything so I knew that it was going to be me adjusting the temperature control, but at least I wouldn’t have to drive over to her house all the time for something so petty. She agreed, so we had the smart thermostat installed and she would call me whenever she wanted everything to be adjusted. It actually wasn’t bad because after a little while, the smart thermostat had a good grasp of her preferences and she started calling me less saying that the smart thermostat really was smart because it knew what she wanted.


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