Don’t you dislike it when you are out food shopping plus you find that the cash out line is super long? I assume I can not stand it when this happens! Because of this going a lot lately at our local grocery store I had thought about signing up a delivery plan. But the cost for those are too costly for me. For 1 thing, I really dislike being stuck in those long lines while I was in the summertime. It really gets way too cold due to the air conditioner plan! The air vents from the central air conditioner plan are directly above where the lines are made. The air coming out of the vents feels as if it is -15 degrees. I get why they do it however. They need the cold air for meats, veggies plus frozen fruit. Also the workers would be dying moving around without air conditioning. The grocery store also says that they have the best central air conditioner plan in the industry. So they truly love to crank the A/C to prove they can cool such an immense space. It makes the actual shopping go pretty well when you are moving plus grabbing things. As long as you are moving around, heavy A/C is nice. But those lines…this is where it gets to be a concern! I hate the standing around plus being crammed in with a lot of people. I also hate chilly to death while waiting to take a turn. Self check out is constantly as long of a line as well. Maybe I should just Spring for the delivery service.

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