Living in the desert is just an awful experience all together.

Every single day is just sheer hell to be honest.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is! I could get into all the horrible things about this place. Such as the air quality, the heat, the lack of service when it comes to fixing your air conditioning system when it breaks down, etc. However, what I want to tell you is about the Fall time of year! Everywhere else on the planet, the heat is done with. But not here…and there’s a catch to it all that makes it even worse! Late at night when you reach Midnight, it can get down to freezing cold temperatures. Then, about 9 hours later, it will be almost one hundred degrees for the entire day! This is bad for the body as it gets a lot of people sick. Also, it’s a major strain on your central heating and air conditioning system! It will get so cold at night, that you will have to turn on the heating to a pretty high temperature just to keep the house warm while you sleep. Then, in the day, you’ll be cranking that air conditioning down to at least 74 degrees just to keep cool! Last year, I ended up getting a bad flu because of this daily drastic temperature change this time of the year. So far, I have not got sick this year. But, we still have another month and a half of this junk before we get a break for a few months.
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