In my late teens, I nearly killed myself by being stupid one time.

Me and my friends used to get high and smoke a lot of pot.

It was a crazy time, and while high, we did a lot of dumb things. This one time, we all got the bright idea to take a few used furnace filters, cut them up and smoke them! One of my friends claimed that the stuff that furnace filters were made of would get you ultra high if you smoked them with pot. Being the high idiots we all were, we wanted to put this to the test. So, we went into my friend’s garage, got some used furnace filters out of the trash, chopped them up and put them in the pipe we were smoking out of. We then smoked the used furnace filters and boy oh boy, did we get really sick! Almost every single one of us ended up puking! This was after we took a few puffs of the furnace filters. We stopped right away after that and knew we made a big mistake. Later on, we found out that if we had actually not threw up, and actually smoked the entire pipe full of chopped up furnace filters, we all may have got poisoned and died! This was actually a big scare that made us all wise up and fly straight so to speak. Ever since that day, I never looked at furnace filters the same way ever again.


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