I recently got a nice HVAC tip from our food delivery dude.

Mickey is the food delivery dude that I frequently order from.

I always have a nice chat with him whenever he comes. The last time Mickey came to bring the food I ordered from a local soup place, he observed that our beach beach house air quality was dry. I told him that I was well aware of it plus that I had some portable air purification devices working. The air purifiers only were good for the rooms they were in though. It didn’t work for the front space of the house. This is when Mickey had a discussion about indoor air comfort plus humidifiers. He told me about a new style of product. There is whole home humidifiers. These things are alternately known as residential humidity products. They are air quality systems that come built into the central heating plus air conditioner equipment. You can control them from your thermostat just like the HVAC settings. You can adjust how much it adds or takes away moisture from the air quality plus in what rooms of the house you need more moisture. I looked online plus I can get 1 for a sufficient price. It can add moisture when the heater turns on too. Apparently this is said to lower the heating bills quite a bit in the wintertime. More moist of air typically feels warmer. I am really thankful for this tip. Mickey might have saved me a lot of money with this idea.


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