When you shop at thrift stores, you always find some really good diamonds in the ruff.

  • When I say that, i’m talking about the prices! You can find some really good deals on items that are usually triple the price buying brand new.

This was the case recently, when I happened to stumble on to some perfectly good as new portable air conditioning systems! These portable air conditioners that I found were still in the boxes, and looked like they were only used a few times. In regular stores, one of these things alone would go for over three hundred bucks. In the thrift shop they had 3 of these, and they were only one hundred bucks each! I could not believe my eyes! I had thought that maybe they didn’t work right. So, I asked the clerk at the cash register about them. He told me that they actually tested the portable air conditioners, and that they worked perfectly. I asked him why the price was only one hundred dollars. The clerk told me that they priced them so low in hopes that people would realise the steal that it was, and make the store some good cash. They had been lacking in sales lately. I ended up buying one of the portable air conditioner systems. And when I got it home and tried it out, it indeed was good as new, just like it looked! I really lucked out! So I urge you to go to your local thrift shop, or visit any thrift shop in any city.


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