Construction workers genuinely have it the worst.

All of us task in the hottest of days and for the longest amount of time.

I either am up on a house with no shade and ac, or I am pouring blacktop in 90 degree weather. Working outside in the south is always a tepid & humid ordeal! Last week, our construction business had a new job. The task was fully indoors & all I had to do was help with the finishing layers of wall on an office building. The best area of it all was that there was a high velocity air conditioner component running in the office building that kept the place a cold 68 degrees all day long. I later acquired that the owner of the office building wanted to keep the air conditioner running at a high level even when they weren’t there. This was because of all the computers that was kept on. The computers, monitors and other wires could overheat without any cooling. I found giving AC to a machine weird, but it was so nice for me! I had become so used to being outside in the sun, the AC almost felt cool to me. It was so nice to not sweat to death and need to wear tons of layers for protection. I also had access to a drinking fountain and a lavatory. It was like working in a luxury palace for me. All the men took their sweet time and did a great job. I don’t think anyone wanted to leave the office building.

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