The third shift, or overnight shift at a hospital, is best classified as a form of horrendous torture for a clinician like myself.

See, being a doctor who works the night shift is flat out exhausting.

While being on-call at night grants much better pay per hour, I really can’t say that I can put up with this for much longer. With my sleep schedule constantly needing readjusting, the worst part is the way in which the hospital turns into a giant walk-in freezer at night! The industrial grade heating & cooling system in the hospital truly could care less if the nurses or physicians are cold, as the hospital must stay cold to stay sterile. I swiftly found that it is seriously freezing now working the overnight shift! I was so utterly cold that my teeth felt like they were chattering, just from how cold it was while sitting at my nurse station! I had no real idea of how to handle this, as we had no other blankets to spare that weren’t for patient use. I wound up having to call my husband just to bring up a portable space heater the other night, and having that system running in my nurse station at least gave me a safe haven away from the horrendous frigid air!

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