When my wife asked if I wanted to go to the big pigskin game in the city with her and the in-laws, I half expected her to tell me that it was some kind of ruse.

Despite what several people believe when they first meet me and my towering size, nothing about me is interested in sports, professional or amateur. See, I never dabbled with athletics in school, nor did I watch any growing up as a kid, & I didn’t go to any of the major sports games while all of us were in school either. At the time, I was more concerned with professional skills that would later allow me to become an HVAC service technician. Still, my wife was dedicated to getting me into the car and on the way to this game with her and her folks. The one good thing about this game was box seats, which they had for us. Once we got moving to the game after I reluctantly agreed to go, I quickly found that box seats were very expensive for a distinct reason! It blew me away, seeing how nice the box seats were for all of us. We had this awesome private room equipped with totally new-age heating & cooling systems. They worked to keep the room as comfortable for us as possible on a freezing cold night. With a wonderful view of the stadium as well as a full private buffet just for us, I can tell you that I wouldn’t mind going to more games with the in-laws if it means box seats like this again!

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