It has been a real horrible summer.

  • In fact, I have been so overheated I assume that my face is on fire everyday.

I have been working at a local construction company full time for the past year now. When I get home, I am tired & sick of being outdoors. All I want to do is rest down next to the air conditioner unit. After a solid week of doing the same job over and over, I decided to make a change & take a day off of work. During that day off I slept in, watched all of our number one television shows, & soaked up all of the air conditioner that I could. If it wasn’t for my co-workers & my father, I never would have returned back to work. Those men can be genuinely persuasive. It was nice to take a break though. Working outdoors with no cooling gets to a man after a while. I needed to be by the home AC component in order to recharge and get back in gear. After soaking up the AC for the day, I was feeling a little better with going back outside again. It was like my leg, back and arm muscles were able to relax and correctly cool down. I was able to move around easier and build that much quicker. I think that our task either needs to have AC component on the job site, or all of us take more breaks. I just can’t stay in the heat, sun and humidity that long without seeing some drastic complications; Even one day off made a difference.

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