Working a traditional nine to five job makes the day fly past me.

For the most part, I have always enjoyed my job enough.

I know that I want to be in this line of work for the long haul, but over the years I’ve seen that it can be a touch exhausting at time. See, working as a Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair technician can leave you wanting more at times. Despite how much I enjoy my job most days, I find that there’s some occasional times in which the job drives myself and others crazy! See, the most common circumstances where I am having a bad day at work are when I have to put up with and or accommodate some rude customer. Once, I dealt with this guy that about had me tearing my hair out! It was all because I was trying to help out however I could. She called over to the store, claiming that her “brand new” air conditioning system had broken down. I drove over and took an initial look at it for myself. I found pretty fast that this all-new air conditioning unit was ancient by any standard! This old heap of metal was so worn down and totally rusted out, that it seemed to me as if this was the first air conditioning model ever created. I told this crazy old coot this information, and that the concern had to do with the age of the A/C unit and not the unit’s interior machinery. From there, all Hell broke loose! Let me tell you – no matter how frustrated I get with my job, I’ll never want to turn to customer service for as long as I live. With those interactions, I’m thankful that I’m a heating and A/C service technician who can just work with their head down!


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