When I was in school, I felt that I was being equipped with all of the skills I would need to be a successful adult as soon as I reached our graduation day.

Sports were my jam in school, but I had a very challenging class load as well. I always had a feeling that life was going to be easy after high school – yeah, I know, laugh it up! Buying my first home on a small farmland was the real challenge. I had no real idea of just how hard life can be on your own, especially when you’re fixing up an old ranch house! The thing that hit hard post-graduation was how difficult and expensive it really was to maintain an old farmhouse. For one, the heated gas furnace in my home was so old and utterly decrepit. It had to be repaired, if not totally replaced altogether! That was something which the realtor decided to just forget to tell me, so that was a real joy to discover. I was looking for the right Heating, Ventilation & A/C business to bring in for the replacement of my old heating system, and let me tell ya – I was totally left in awe by the sheer number of businesses that were available for me to choose from. Some were definitely more lavish than others and had better reviews, while others were dirt cheap and loaded with awful commentary from their former customers. In the end, I went with someone right down the middle – fair price, fair service. They did the work as requested, and actually finished a day early! Now I have a much better heating system in place… and about twenty other things to address.