I met my partner and have been feeling as though I could very well be the luckiest person in the world. Look, the people I was with and I have been together for nearly half a decade now! Each and every year, it seems to get better and better for us. You know how there’s those couples that have been in long term relationships, and that they’ve begun arguing over petty crap? Not us. Not one thing, big or small, drives a wedge between us. One thing that I really love about this man is how skilled he is as an A/C service technician. The people I was with and I own a home that’s far deep into southern territory. The summer weather can peak well over 100 degrees often here, so the air conditioning system is critical. However, I rarely worry about the weather here. The home is always so cool and very refreshing! That’s of course due to my partner, who works as an HVAC service technician. He’s just super talented at this stuff, and other mechanical work in general. Thanks to the skill he exhibits with HVAC services, I never have to feel stressed when it comes to scheduling repair visits or stuff like that. I know that the folks around town would pay hundreds just to have a personal Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair technician in their pocket – but not me, because I married a man that does it all for free (for me at least)!