My husband, Vincent, and I have been in the process of moving for quite some time now.

  • It has not been an easy ordeal, and the reason that the two of us had to transport in the first place was due to the fact that our hubby’s job transferred him to another location, my hubby was told that her first morning at the new location would be November 1st, but it is now late December, and she is still in her old location.

Every one of us sold our old home due to the fact that the two of us thought she would be toiling in her new location, so our hubby has to travel about 2 eighths to labor every morning. It is quite frustrating and extremely expensive. Since the two of us are in a new house, I decided that it would be a superb time to get an air conditioner unit. We have never owned an air conditioner system, and to be honest, it was extremely miserable while in the Summer months. I do not love to be tepid all of the time, and that is how every Summer was. I was constantly tepid and sweating, and sleeping in a sizzling home office is no fun. I did not think it would be a massive headache just to find an air conditioner system, but I was wrong. I went to a few different stores, and the problem was that everyone had an opinion on which air conditioner system was the best solution. I would ask someone which air conditioner system was the best and they would tell me, but then the next lady would explain to myself and others how that truly same brand was bad and they would request a different brand. I have a feeling I am going to just have to option one that I think will be best for our family.



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