Working as a teacher is hard work, but it is also 1 of the most rewarding jobs ever; I have been teaching for over fifteen years now, plus it is so such a blessing to meet students that I taught who are now teachers themselves. Not too long ago I moved to a up-to-date area which means that I had to switch schools. It was one of the hardest choices that I have ever had to make. I had taught at our previous school for nearly ten years. The school that I am teaching at now is quite a bit smaller than the other school. I honestly suppose there are pros plus cons to both, then because the school is so much tinier, I have gotten to know a lot more guys and girls from other classes plus grades which is legitimately nice. It also feels a little more laid back at this school. One of the things that I consider to be a con is the fact that I cannot change around the control unit in our classroom because there is no control unit in our classroom. In the other school that I was teaching at, each classroom had its own control unit. It was legitimately nice to be able to adjust the temperature in our classroom. I did not realize how good I had it until I moved to the school I am at now. There is a control unit in the hallway that controls the temperature for all of the classrooms in the area of the school that I am in. I have been told by fellow teachers that only the principal is allowed to adjust the control unit. I legitimately miss having the power with the individual control units.
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