My amazing husband, Vincent, plus I have been in the process of moving for quite some time come to think of it.

It has not been an straight-forward ordeal.

The reason that all of us had to move in the first locale was because our hubby’s task transferred him to another location, but my hubby was told that his first day at the new location would be September 1st, but it is now February 14th, and this man is still in his seasoned location, then we sold our seasoned lake house because I had initially thought he would be now working in his new location, so our hubby has to travel about several minutes to job every day. It is quite frustrating and not cheap at all. Since we are in a new house, I decided that it would be a good time to get an air conditioner. We have never actually purchased an air conditioner, plus to be honest, it was quite miserable during the Summer months. I do not love to be warm all of the time, plus that is how every Summer was. I was regularly warm and miserable with sweat, plus sleeping in a sizzling kitchen is no fun. I did not suppose it would be strenuous to find an air conditioner, even though I was wrong. I went to a large stores, plus the problem was that pretty much everyone had an opinion on which air conditioner was the best. I would ask someone which air conditioner was the best and they would tell me, then the next person would explain to me just how that particularly same brand was terrible plus they would command a different brand. I suppose I am going to just have to option 1 that I suppose will be number one thing for my family.


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