My husband, Leo, and I have been in the process of moving for quite some time now, then it has not been an straight-forward ordeal, but the reason that both of us had to transfer in the first place was because my husband’s job moved him to another part of town, however my husband was told that his first afternoon at the new location would be November 1st, however it is now January 14th, and he is still in his old job site.

The people I was with and I sold our old apartment because both of us thought he would be very working in his new location, so our husband has to drive every morning about two hours to job every afternoon.

It is quite frustrating and overpriced. Since we in a new place in town, I made the choice that it would be a great time to get an air conditioning. The people I was with and I have never owned an air conditioning, and to be honest, it was quite angry while in the summertime weeks. I do not love to be hot all of the time, and that is how every single summer was. I seemed to always be hot and covered in sweat, and sleeping in a hot dining room is no fun. I did not think it would be that tricky to find an air conditioning, however I was wrong. I went to a few different stores, and the problem was that everyone had an opinion on which air conditioning was the best. I would ask someone which air conditioning was the best and they would tell me, however then the next person would explain to myself and others how that very same brand was exhausting and they would request a totally different brand. I think I am going to just have to pick one that I think will be best for my young family.


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