My hubby, Alex, and I have been in the process of moving for quite some time now.

It has not been a simple type of thing; The reason that the two of us had to transfer in the first place was because my lovely hubby’s job transferred him to another location, then my hubby was told that his first day at the new location would be July 1st, however it is now early August, and he is still in his outdated location! We sold our outdated beach house because the two of us thought he would be finally working in his new area for work, so our hubby has to travel about multiple hours to work every day.

It is quite frustrating plus fancy; Since the two of us are in a new house, I had a feeling that it would be a fine time to get an a/c. We have never owned an a/c, plus to be honest, it was quite angry while I was in the Summer weeks. I do not like to be moderate all of the time, plus that is how every Summer was. I was almost always hot and perspiring, plus sleeping in a moderate kitchen is no fun. I did not suppose it would be no easy task just to find an a/c, although I was wrong. I went to a few weird stores, and the concern was that everyone had an opinion on which a/c was the best. I would ask a random person which a/c was the best plus they would tell me, however then the next guy would explain to me how that actually same brand was terrible plus they would request a weird brand. I assume that I am going to just have to pick a single that I suppose will be best for my growing family.



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