For the past two years I have been living in a very old apartment right in the middle of the city.

Despite the buildings old age the building itself is pretty great.

I have a very affordable rent and I can get anywhere in the city in under twenty minutes. My deep love for living in this apartment started to fade about a month ago when a new family moved in next door. The building is great, but the walls have always been very thin. They have two little boys that are under the age of three years old, and those boys love to scream and cry all day long. I work remote from home and have tried many things to block out the noise but nothing seems to work. Along with the constant screaming and crying, they have a very old and run down heating and cooling unit that is right on the other side of the wall in my bedroom. Every time that this old heating and cooling unit kicks back on during the night I wake up startled, thinking that someone is trying to break down my wall. My best friend has suggested that I give them one of my old heating and cooling units in storage for free. I don’t have any use for it and in terms of efficiency and silence it is much better than the one they have. If I am kind enough to give them that unit for free then they might consider trying to keep the kids quiet as I am trying to get work done. I don’t know how well this plan is going to work, but I don’t have many other options. I guess it won’t hurt to give it a try!

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