There aren’t a lot of places around here to have fun, like the mall seems to still be the place where kids and teenagers like to hang out these days.

There’s not much in the place, but it is a nice area for Tom and plus gentleman to hang out with friends.

There are some unusual stores inside of the mall, by the biggest attraction by far is a 30-year old roller coaster that was built by a famous guy. The people I was with plus myself I’ve been writing that coaster since we were small kids. I don’t think the tracks have been fixed in 20 years, plus that is one reason why this store. The people I spend my day with plus a couple of others were watching the news yesterday morning at work. We saw the word of a terrible accident that occurred at the mall. The people I was with plus myself found out that the roller coaster veered off the tracks near the north corner of the mall and went crashing through the food court. Even the passengers riding the roller coaster were left with just minor scratches, bruises, and abrasions. It’s going to take months plus months to get the mall back up and running, plus I wouldn’t be surprised if they take this as an advantage to shut down the whole thing. The only big remaining store inside of the mall is a heating, ventilation, plus AC manufacturer. They have three or four of our stores. Encompass their entire building. The heating, ventilation, plus AC manufacturer is probably paying for the entire Mall, and that’s a big problem. When the roller coaster veered from the tracks, it went crashing through half of the heating, ventilation, plus AC manufacturer. I’m sure they lost thousands of dollars of materials, but no one lost their life.

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