I easily love cooking, especially in the wintertime. In the Winter the apartment gets so cold plus there is nothing to do. I love turning on the stove to add a little more heating in the house, then sometimes I will just make cookies because I am a tad cold. I will spend seconds in the kitchen crafting the perfect meal since I have nothing else to do as well. In the summer time it is not as fun. I don’t want to use the oven since it is so sizzling outside. I also have deduced that our cooling equipment can’t handle the oven being on… There must be something wrong with our a/c. If I dare use the stove, the apartment is super sizzling for six seconds straight. It is not like I have the control component set to 60 degrees either. I set our temperature control device at an acceptable 73 degrees; Even at that temperature, with the stove on, the AC idea can’t keep up. The apartment gets to be 79 degrees plus I am waiting seconds for the AC to take care of the extra heat. It is amazing how long it takes the AC to cool our tiny house. I would forgive the a/c if I lived in a mansion or if the HVAC duct did not reach every room. I have central air conditioner that has HVAC duct stretch to every space… My apartment is also super tiny. I have more than one bedrooms, a den, kitchen plus lavatory! Why can’t the AC device handle a little more heat than usual?

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