My colleagues plus myself knew that it would be difficult when we decided to become an independent furnace plus air conditioner contractor.

The people I was with plus myself were honestly ready for a lot of jobs, but it was slow in the beginning and then for a while at first.

The people plus myself we’re happy to be bosses of our own, plus it was fine to have a sporadic furnace plus air conditioner installation or repair appointment. For a couple of months, that things were honestly slow plus that was okay. Unfortunately, they never picked up plus it became necessary for the two of us to hire an independent firm to create a nice website for our furnace plus air conditioner repair service. The people I was with plus myself were on a slave without several amounts of knowledge to complete the project on our own, plus our bassist was more about furnaces plus the air conditioners. The people plus myself were searching all over the Internet for numerous people that could provide website assistance, but we were honestly sad to find that most of them were far too much money. The people I was with plus myself attended some School classes with a friend that worked in website design, but we’re honestly not sure if he will even want to work on a furnace plus air conditioning website for a low-cost amount of money. It might be more beneficial to find a cheap company overseas or cheap college student that would create a product that might be less than ideal but at least functional.


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