The people plus myself started furnace plus air conditioning work during school.

When the people plus myself graduated, lie to a license a couple of us applied for jobs at the local furnace plus air conditioner store.

I didn’t know if I would get hired or not, but the people I was with us myself needed to find a job where we could get some work under our belts. Unfortunately, the people I was with plus myself for unable to actually work on furnace plus air conditioner repairs until we receive a certification. Right now the only thing that we can do is honestly be a helper to several of the other technicians. All last week, I was riding around with the furnace plus air conditioner installation crew to clean ductwork. We were offering a special since I’m working there at a low rate, and all of the customers can honestly receive the people I was with plus myself are extremely grateful to honestly have this great job, but it’s not too much fun to be a furnace plus air conditioner technician and never get to touch anything. In a month or maybe three months, I will genuinely have worked enough hours to apply for my field license. Then I won’t be completely restricted to air duct work. As a certified furnace plus air conditioner technician, I’ll be able to go out there and make some money for myself. I’ll be working on installations in a couple of months after I receive my certification and heating, ventilation, plus AC repair.

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