Last weekend I moved out of my lake house after nearly 2 years of living there.

I was able to find a much more affordable lake house in neighborhood that was also closer to my work.

My roommate who I had lived with while I was in all of that time was harshly concerned to see me tranactivity out, however my feelings were completely opposite from his. My ancient roommate was so loud that I would be able to hear him snoring at night from the opposite side of the apartment. After years of sleep deprivation I couldn’t wait to finally have some peace & quiet… Peace & quiet was what I was searching for anyways, but in reality I ended up facing another harshly loud problem. The heated gas heating system installed in my current lake house was harshly ancient & made loud sounds whenever I turned it on. Even when I would call down to the HVAC ventilation, heating & cooling corporation to have them send someone to come look at it they would tell me the same thing. There was nothing they could to service the ancient heating system, it was just too run down! Despite how loud my ancient roommate was at night, when this ancient device would run at night it was ever louder & more disruptive to my sleep cycle. I’m not in the financial position to even consider the system of buying a current heated gas heating system unless I want to take out a considerable loan! With the way things are going I guess that I am never going to have a great nights sleep ever again.


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