My wife plus myself were genuinely upset when a debacle happened at the furnace plus air conditioner liquidation event last year.

We honestly saved all throughout the winter so we could attend the annual spring event that has some equipment from the last year’s models.

The people I was spending my day with plus and several others were in attendance at the event, plus we were lucky to be one of the first to arrive. We found a wonderful ductless mini split air conditioner that was exactly like the one we were hoping to find. The people plus myself on this late took several days before we could get to install the machine. When we got everything up and running, the air conditioner made a silly noise plus then started squeaking awfully bad. That ductless air conditioner then stopped working. The people I was with plus myself contacted the company immediately to talk with them about the problem. They tried to give us a song and dance about the warranty, plus we honestly demanded to speak with the owner if we would get no satisfaction from the person on the phone. After 3 days and a lot of arguments, the people I was with plus myself finally had them to replace the ductless air conditioner without any additional cost to either one of us. I believe that the final things to happen we’re making this fat to threaten a bank on charge and then a fraud letter that would be done to another operation. It was a genuinely nice that something worked.


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