I can’t really think of a time when I had any allergies of any kind.

I don’t even get sick all that often with anything. I guess I’m pretty fortunate. My husband was pretty much the same, although he does get sick with something or another a it more often than I do. That’s why we were a bit surprised when we had a daughter who seemed to have many different allergies and other illnesses. They were nothing major but they were certainly times when she was feeling miserable. Seasonal allergies hit her pretty hard. I’ve had my husband take her out to a movie or to the park on a Saturday afternoon so that I can thoroughly clean and dust the house. We’ve also had to pay far more attention to how frequently we change out the air filters, and we recently had an air duct cleaning done. Ultimately, we want our home to be a place where she gets the most relief from her allergies. Medications don’t have to be the only thing to alleviate symptoms. Finally, we have decided to take another step in making sure that our home is free of irritants and allergens. We decided to get a whole home air purifier. Air purifiers remove the vast majority of irritating particles in the air. It helps make the air cleaner, purer and more breathable for everyone and not just people with allergies! Our daughter’s allergies have cleared up so well whenever she is in the comfort of home. We all benefit from the air purifier!