The other late night, when I was on our way apartment from work, I had to stop at the all night gas station to get gas.

I work the late shift, so I do not get off of work till Midnight.

I love coming apartment at that time because there is little traffic, plus the roads are just so enjoyable to drive. I am grateful for this all night gas station though, because I can get gas when no 1 else is around. I hate long lines plus tons of people, and well, when I went the other night, I seen the most unrespected thing going on. The gas station was having their central heating plus a/c component tested. I was undoubtedly curious how they even got a certified heating plus a/c specialist out there that late to work on the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system, and so, I went plus pumped our gas, plus when I went in to spend money for the gas that I had bought, I asked the person at the register what was going on with the heating plus cooling repair at that time of night. The person at the register told myself and others that their central heating plus a/c component was just getting its tune up for the season. They have a special arrangement with a local independent Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer to where he comes plus does this in the late night hours when there are little to no customers in the gas station. If they were having this done plus the place was packed, it could cause quite an issue; Not only for the customers, however for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker himself too.

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