We always love to go visit my parents during the holiday season.

The kids always have fun playing out in the snow and my mother always makes fresh hot cocoa for everybody.

My parents also have a really nice fireplace that they always have going when we get there. The kids love to roast marshmallows and oftentimes we will make s’mores! A lot of the time, we will just hang around the fireplace while my father likes to tell stories to the kids. He really gets into the stories too and I think the fireplace has a very powerful effect on the stories. I love to just relax in front of the fireplace. Oftentimes I wish we had a fireplace back at home. I would even trade it for the gas furnace that we have. Of course, it’s probably best to have both a gas furnace and a fireplace because if the furnace fails, you can use the fireplace to stay warm. I’m going to have to talk to my wife about moving into a place that has a really nice fireplace so that we can enjoy that regularly. I’m not really sure how she will feel about it, but she seems to enjoy the fireplace at my parents’ home. I definitely know the kids would be excited about having a fireplace. It’s just something that I have wanted to have for a long time. It reminds me of being out camping and all you have to keep warm is the actual fire. There really is nothing quite like it, and a fireplace definitely adds ambience to any home.
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