For my birthday this year, all I requested was a cookout and evening on the lake. My grandmother lives in a home on the lake, so we had the cookout there. I invited my new girlfriend to the party, and was excited for her to see the lake and ride around on the boat with everyone. She really enjoyed the food and got along well with my family, which made me happy. However, things started to go south when we got on the boat. Ten minutes into the ride, I noticed her complexion go pale and sweat dripping down her back. I asked her if she was okay, and she responded that she was very hot. The sun was beginning to set and their was a cool breeze, so I was confused. How could she be too hot? After a few minutes, I put two and two together. My girlfriend was experiencing motion sickness, but was too embarrassed to tell me. My cousins get bad motion sickness too, so my grandmother keeps a small portable fan under the seats. I quickly got it out and handed it to her. The cool air from the portable fan seemed to help her a lot. The color started to return to her face, and the sweating appeared to stop. As it turns out, all she needed was some cool air in order to avoid getting sick! I’m so glad my grandmother keeps that portable fan under the seat on the boat, because it really helped my girlfriend feel better.


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