“Well, you can control the thermostat using a smartphone if it’s compatible”, he explained

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you told me that I tend to be behind the times, especially when it comes to technology. I still have a home phone, complete with the cord and all in my kitchen. I also prefer using the ice trays instead of an ice machine for my fridge, and the cell phone I use is an old-fashioned flip phone from 2006. So yes, I’m pretty old-fashioned! However, that doesn’t mean I hate using new technology. On the contrary, I actually enjoy learning how to use new and advanced tech for around the house or elsewhere. Most recently, I had a visit from my regular heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair technician while I was working from home. The HVAC service technician told me again about how old and out of date my dial thermostat was, and insisted that I get a smart thermostat for my home. “You don’t even have to get a new smartphone”, he explained, “you just need to learn how to program the thermostat yourself!” I wasn’t sure what he meant about the smartphone comment, so I asked him to elaborate. “Well, you can control the thermostat using a smartphone if it’s compatible”, he explained. That sounded incredible! If there’s one thing I believe in more than following the old-fashioned approach, it’s finding a more efficient way to handle something around the house. Ultimately, I decided to buy a smartphone and learn to use it, just so I could sync it up to my smart thermostat. Now I can control the heating and air conditioning throughout my house using this fancy new device!


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