Of late, our weather has been as fickle as a child. One hour it is hot and sunny, a few hours later it is chilly and rainy. I guess I spend half my day occasionally either opening the windows or closing things up to turn on the HVAC system. When it is hot, I close all the windows, pull the shades, and turn on the a/c. Then when it cools off outside I open the windows to let in fresh air. At night, the temperatures drop to the mid fifties and the two of us need to use the portable heating system in our dining room. It is down right exhausting consistently worrying about what temperature it is outside. My HVAC units are getting a workout for sure. I know it is more costly to turn them on and off all the time and the two of us actually should just program the home to stay at a constant temperature year round. The HVAC idea can be set up to heat or cool the home as needed and it would really make myself and others less crazy. I do, however, love to have fresh outdoor air whenever possible blowing through the house. I know it is time to make the change and simply buy a programmable thermostat. It would save us significantly on our utility bills and save myself and others time and energy as well. This will also help to prolong the life of our HVAC idea and that will really save us money. I am going to make and appointment with my HVAC dealer to come out and show us the multiple possibilities that are available so the two of us will know which one will labor best for us.
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