My wife and I have made some terrible decisions together over our ten years of marriage when it comes to a long range of things.

With that being said, one thing that we have always been resilient.

After years of living in cheap and sketchy apartments while working full time jobs it appears that we are finally going to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We have just closed the deal to purchase our dream home far away from the city on a five acre plot of land in the country. The house is a very classic farmhouse in every sense of the term. There are no state of the art a/c units or radiant flooring installed there. The only source of heating is a good old fireplace like they used in the old days. Most people would be bothered by this and would immediately want to hire an HVAC repair tech to come and install the newest a/c unit, but my partner and I see it differently. Much unlike the generation that we are apart of, we don’t like feeling the need of having to rely on the latest technology to feel safe and happy. We would much rather prefer to work for simple things like keeping the house at a warm temperature than pay thousands of dollars for a machine to do it. My wife and I have worked extremely hard to make our way out of those nasty apartments in the city, and I think that this home will be the perfect place to live out our simple and humble lives.
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