My mom and dad taught my sisters and I to be strong and follow our dreams.

When we were in school, they made us study hard and strive for A’s and B’s.

My sister graduated first and she immediately started going to college. She didn’t even have a summer of fun, because she was accepted for the early semester. When I graduated from high school, I thought a lot about what I wanted to do with my life. I really wanted to work with my hands, and I thought that the HVAC industry seemed interesting. I read a lot of information about the HVAC industry and I knew that the salary and benefits were competitive. I started attending classes last fall, and things have been going well. I’m having some trouble learning all of the names of heating and cooling parts, but I am using flashcards to help. I started dating a really nice guy in January, and his name is Tanner. I thought Tanner was a really good guy, until he started to act like a jerk. Tanner and I are both in the HVAC technical school together. We met in one of our classes, and that’s how we started dating. When it was time for finals, Tanner and I studied very hard. We quiz each other and went through the flashcards for hours. I scored a 99% on my HVAC technical test, and Tanner completely bombed. He was really mad and angry and he blamed everything on me. I wouldn’t have broke up with the guy, but he was being a real jerk. He was yelling and screaming and acting like a lunatic. That’s not the type of guy that I want to be around.

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